Xbox dead or alive Xtreme 2 Xbox Video Game Characters Hitomi

Xbox DOA 2 girls Hitomi is a character in the Xbox dead or alive Xbox 360 video game series. She uses the Karate fighting style.

Character Name: Hitomi
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height/Weight: 5'3" / 108 lbs.
Measurements: B35" W23" H33"
Hobbies: Cooking

Hitomi is a Half-Japanese Half-German Karate practitioner. Her father and teacher is also the Karate master of Ein. She entered the third Xbox DOATEC tournament searching for her friend. She is also friends with Tina as the two are talking about Tina's future (she is hoping to be an actress). Hitomi learns that Ein, who was amnesic, is actually the Ninja Master Hayate.

She is an honorable fighter and doesn't underestimates her opponents; she doesn't have an overconfident attitude. She treats everyone with respect and equality and tries to test herself against strong opponents. Her karate skills and training comes from her german father, whom she has been practicing under all her life.

This beauty participates in the Xbox dead or alive Xbox video game tournaments not to pursue fame or fortune, but to prove herself to her demanding German father. Hitomi's father is one of the finest karate masters in Germany, and his skills have certainly rubbed off on his daughter.

Sadly, Hitomi's life has only grown more chaotic since her father fell ill and left her in charge of the family affairs. Still, Hitomi approaches each new day with characteristic optimism. Some of the other Xbox DOA Babes could learn a thing or two from her.

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