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Xbox DOA 2 girls Lei Fang is a character in the Xbox dead or alive series video game. She's a college student, and a prodigy of Tai Chi Quan martial arts who destines to be stronger than her rival Jann Lee.

Character Name: Leifang
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height/Weight: 5'4" / 110 lbs.
Measurements: B34" W22" H34"
Hobbies: Aroma therapy

Lei Fang is a 19 year old college student and practitioner of t'ai chi quan who first appeared in the original Xbox dead or alive. She has appeared in every video game in the series thereafter. When she was a small child Jann Lee saved her from being beaten senseless by a group of goons; since then, in order to prove to him that she's strong, she has sought him out and attempted to defeat him in combat.

Her story in the Xbox DOA Xbox video game series invariably revolves around this singular fixation of hers. She finally succeeded in defeating Lee in the events of Xbox DOA4. In the Beach Volleyball spin-offs, she's generally only present because she's looking for a vacation.

Personality wise, Lei Fang is cheerful and intelligent; she is also fairly serious and regularly practices her martial arts, hoping one day to be able to teach others. Because of her serious attitude about martial arts, she has a bit of a rivalry with Tina, who believes that prowess in combat is purely based on physicality, as opposed to Lei-Fang's emphasis on self-discipline and mental focus.

The rivalry is non-hostile, however. Lei Fang is also very prideful, and becomes irritated or angry when she feels others are looking down on her. Her hair color has changed repeatedly as the series has gone on, but she has always been voiced exclusively by Touma Yumi

Lei Fang is set to appear in Xbox dead or alive 5 Xbox video game, sporting a familiar look for the new visual style.

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