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Xbox DOA 2 girls Lisa first appeared in Xbox DOA's volleyball Xbox 360 video game, but appears in Xbox dead or alive 4 video game as the mysterious luchadora, La Mariposa.

Character Name: Lisa
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Height/Weight: 5'9" / 117 lbs.
Measurements: B36" W22" H34"
Hobbies: Surfing

Lisa is her given name, anyway. When she's on the clock, she's La Mariposa ("The Butterfly"), a masked pro-wrestling star in the high-flying ring of lucha libre. As befits a luchadora, her arsenal of moves revolves around several deadly kick combos and powerful throws and suplexes.

In her first Xbox video game appearance, Lisa didn't necessarily seem to be a fighter by trade. Instead, she was one of the many beautiful women invited to Zack Island, for its eponymous owner's first tropical vacation.

Lisa, The Early Years

Lisa Hamiltion who is better known by her Luchador wrestler name La Mariposa made her initial debut in Xbox dead or alive Beach Volleyball. She was high-school friends with Tina Armstrong and made her first proper appearance in the main fighting roster in Xbox dead or alive 4. She was revealed to be a former scientist at Xbox DOATEC and was one of the key minds behind the Project Alpha project which spawned Alpha-152 the Kasumi clone. She watched over the test subjects for all of the projects she ran which included Kasumi and Hayate.

Her work was done out of Xbox DOATEC's Germany branch under direct orders from Victor Donovan. After an incident where Ryu Hayabusa attacked the Xbox DOATEC HQ in germany to rescue Kasumi Lisa fled with Hayate in a Helicopter but the escape was only minorly successful as the helicopter crashed separating Lisa and Hayate who eventually lost his memory and adopted the persona of Ein. Hitomi saved Lisa's life by pulling her from the wreckage.

Even after the Germany incident Lisa continued her research on the Alpha project. During the events of Xbox dead or alive 4 video game while the Mugen Tenshin clan attacked the Xbox DOATEC HQ she revealed to Hayate that she had been the one who had manipulated him. She had also previously revealed this to Helena Douglas and even threatened her life as a way to keep her silent. After the events of Xbox DOA 4 Xbox video game Lisa took up her professional wrestling again as her main career fighting alongside of her old time friend Tina Armstrong.

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