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Xbox DOA 2 girls Tina Armstrong is a frequent character in the Xbox dead or alive Xbox video game series. She fights using wrestling. Tina is the daughter of character Bass Armstrong.

Character Name: Tina Armstrong
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Height/Weight: 5'9" / 123 lbs.
Measurements: B37" W24" H35"
Hobbies: Sports games, cycling

The daughter of the famous professional wrestler Bass Armstrong, Tina was raised in a world of wrestling and was trained by her father. She premiered in the first Xbox dead or alive Xbox video game, as one of the video game's "grappling" characters and one of the three female characters in the videogame. At the time, she was supposed to be a model turned pro-wrestler, but her scenario quickly evolved with the home release and addition of her father as a character. She was also originally a brunette, but it appears she has taken to bleaching her hair in subsequent titles.

She is one of the characters who has appeared in every Xbox dead or alive game, including the Beach Volleyball spin-off video game series. As a character largely unimportant to the central storyline, her scenarios are often somewhat humorous and light-hearted. Personality-wise, Tina is extroverted, strong-willed, and hard-headed, allegedly taking after her father in the latter traits. She also doesn't take fighting especially seriously.

Invariably, Tina's storyline revolves around her wishing to become more famous in Hollywood; her father, Bass Armstrong, is inevitably opposed to this and tries to stop her from leaving her career as a pro-wrestler, resulting in conflict between the two characters. She eventually succeeded in becoming a star, being featured in several films, music videos, and advertisements much to Bass' chagrin. In the Beach Volleyball spin-off series, she's generally simply trying to escape Bass for one reason or another.

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