Xbox dead or alive Xtreme 2 Cheat Codes

Gift Exploit

For this trick to work you will need to skip out on the evening segment. While at the pool side you will select "Quite Game" and then save the game and begin on the next time segment when you resume your girls vacation.

When you choose to quit the game in the evening time segment and receive an accessory or suit gift from a girl at the hotel, the gift will change each time you resume your girls vacation (starting back at the hotel).

You could use this to your advantage by reloading that point of your girls vacation until you get the gift you really want. Reset on the Xbox 360 by selecting the Guide button and going directly to the Xbox dashboard, then reboot the game from there. As long as you do not select "Quit Game" (or complete Day 14), your vacation data does not update and save.

Strip Ticket Saver

The strip ticket is very time consuming to get and can be used only once before you have to start all over again. If you want to save your strip ticket to be able to watch it more than once then here is a trick that you could use.

If you want to watch the pole dancing scene over and over or just want to show it off to your friends then you can use a memory card and the Datel Transfer Kit, simply copy the saved game from your hard drive to the memory card after you have the ticket once, then image that memory card to your computer's hard drive.

Now, you can load that image back onto the card at any time, plug and play! You do need to make sure you don't overwrite your most recent saved game with the older image.

Pole Dance Sequence

Bet 3,000 Zack dollars on Christie's slot machine and hit the jackpot a total of nine times to unlock the pole dance sequence. In order to bet 3,000 Zack dollars using Christie's slot machine, you must have a minimum of 1.5 million Zack dollars.

Secret Ticket

To get the Secret Ticket from Zack, which allows your character to pole dance in the Casino Games, the pole dance sequence must first be unlocked. Once the pole dance sequence is shown, on the following night, Zack will give your character the Secret Ticket which allows her to do the dance. Once it is used, it will disappear, and the only way to get another ticket is to hit the jackpot nine times again.

Easy Money

Bet all of your money on either blackjack or roulette in the Casino Games. If you lose, power off the game and restart it for that day. Repeat this as much as desired. Earning money is easy in the "Marina Race". Play this in the morning, noon, and night for three days to earn into the millions of dollars.

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