Xbox dead or alive Xtreme 2 Pole Dancing

This is the continuation of the Xbox dead or alive Xtreme 2 Strategy Guide. Below will explain the pole dancing segment in Xbox dead or alive xtreme 2. You can also learn how to obtain the secret pole dancing ticket - The Strip Saver.

Pole Dancing

Not really an activity, more like a gravure than anything else. In order to get this, you must go into the Casino Games while at night. Also you must have a minimum of 25 million Zack dollars. Go to the slots and choose $1,000 denominations. Enter into the slots and choose Christie's slot machine, then hold down the "A" button.

You need to score nine "Triple Christie" in order to get the Secret Pole Dancing Ticket. You know you are getting somewhere when you score a "Triple Christie" and they start showing a portion of the Xbox DOAX 2 pole dancing scene staring - Christie.

Every time you win, not only do you win three million dollars, but the pole scene gets longer and longer in length. The entire video is about 1:30 long. The ending has Christie crawling on the stage to the pole and "fogs" out.

The main downside to the slot is that it has a nasty way of taking your money. The slot likes to throw in "Triple Bangs" A LOT!!! So you may gain three million from the "Triple Christie", but you will lose all of the winnings from that win in no time at all. This is why it is best to make sure you have your game saved.

After you have nine wins you can leave the Casino Games and go to the next day. On your return to the hotel your next gift will be the Secret Ticket. You can view the ticket to watch your current character perform the same pole dancing scene that you seen Christie do.

WAIT THOUGH! Because once you completely watch the video, the ticket will be lost and you will have to win at the slots again to obtain another ticket. Instead why not perform the Strip Ticket Saver Pole Dancing trick. This way you will be able to watch the video over and over.

Xbox dead or alive Xtreme 2 Continued

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