Xbox dead or alive Xtreme 2 Poolside Games

This is the continuation of the Xbox dead or alive Xtreme 2 Strategy Guide. Below will explain many of the mini games and pool side games that you can play.

Pool Hopping Game

Pool hopping is one of the returning games from the first Xbox dead or alive extreme beach volleyball game and comes default open once you start a new vacation with any of the girls. The object of the game is to hop from one buoy to the next and get across the pool without falling into the water.

To jump from one buoy to the next, you just press any of the colored buttons. This means you can press "A," "B," "X," or "Y" to jump. For long jumps you hold down the button longer. For short, single, hops, you lightly tap the button.

Given that the courses vary in sizes, there is no definitive set winnings. In addition, each of the buoys are color coded to the face buttons. If you press the matching color button on your controller to the same color of the buoy you are about to jump on, you will score a color hop bonus. If you press the next button right when the girl lands on the buoy, you score a perfect bonus.

It does take practice, but if no other girls is at the pool, and you do not have a partner at the time, you can practice as much as you want during that session.

Butt Battle

This is one of the two new pool mini-games within the Xbox dead or alive Xtreme 2. In order to obtain this, and any of the new mini-games, you must buy the ticket from the Sports Shop to play the game.

The object of the game is to "Bump" your opponent into the water by way of their butts. There is not much strategy put into this game, and most of what you are given is by chance. The main controls are done by the left analog stick. Pressing Forward does a short bump, while pressing Back then Forward again performs a power bump.

The problem with the later is that due to the timing of the power bump, you are open to being bumped yourself. You can try to side step an opponent's bump by pressing "Up" or "Down", though the timing takes a lot of practice. The first girl to three wins the game.


Like Butt Battle, this is a pool game of chance. The object is to have your opponent fall into the water. The two main options is to fake out the other girl by pressing forward on the left analog stick, or to pull, by pressing back on the left analog stick. Now if you fake out while your opponent pulls, you will start to lose balance.

The only way to catch yourself is to repeated press the "A" button. If the other girl pulls again, you will fall into the water and lose the round. The first girl to three wins the game.

Flag Racing

This is probably the most simplest mini-game in Xbox dead or alive Xtreme 2. Whenever a girl is at either Niki Beach, Tranquil Beach, or Bass Island or if you are with your partner, you are given the option to play the Flag Racing game. The object of the game is, from a lying position, get up and start running to a flag.

The first girl to capture the flag wins the race. Your main button you will be pressing is the "A" button. Which is used to get up, and while continuously pressing the "A" button, run to the flag.

To start you can skip the stretching scene (unless you really want to watch the girls) and be in the ready mode. Once the opponent says "Get Ready" wait about three seconds. Right when the girl says "Go", start pressing the "A" button as fast as you can.

You can get a starting bonus if you get up before the other girl. Once you are about three to four paces from the flag, you have the option to dive for the flag. If you dive for the flag and capture it, you get a diving bonus.

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