Xbox dead or alive Xtreme 2 Volleyball

This is the continuation of the Xbox dead or alive Xtreme 2 Strategy Guide. Below will explain the beach volleyball section of the video game. On the right side you will get hints and tips on the marine races.

Beach Volleyball

Volleyball has the highest steady payout of all the mini-games in Xbox dead or alive extreme 2. The object is to force the opponents to "drop" the volleyball. The rules follow that of official two-per-team beach volleyball. To win a game, the first team to score seven points, with a two round lead, wins. However, if both teams score six points each, the first team to have a two point lead wins.

But if both teams tie with nine points each, the first team to score the tenth point wins. Also included is that each side is allowed to "touch" the ball up to three times per side. Basically this means: Receive the ball, Set Up the ball, Spike/tap ball to other side.

To receive a ball, you press the "B" button. This button is also used to pass a ball to your partner. When your partner sets up a ball, you have the option to spike the ball (using the "A" button) or tap the ball over (using the "B" button). When serving the ball there are three different options to choose from.

- Underhand - Press the left analog stick left and the "A" button, then press the "A" button again once the girl's arm is all the way extended back. No special bonuses are given for this.

- Overhand - Press just the "A" button and when the ball hits its highest, press the "A" button again to send the ball over the net. This is considered a normal serve. If your partner says "Nice Serve", you get bonus points.

- Power Serve - Press the left analog stick right and the "A" button, then press the "A" button again the moment you see the ball appear from the top of the screen. This has a chance of hitting the net if you press the "A" button too late. However if timed correctly, the ball travels to the other side at an extremely fast pace. If your partner says "Nice Server", you get bonus points.

If the opponent is at the net, and you are up to send the ball to the other side, there are two options you have. The first is if the opponent goes up for the block, it is recommended to tap the "B" button to tap the ball over the opponent and send the ball just behind her. This will force the opponent's partner to dive for the ball, and force the ball back over the net; which is done by pressing the "A" button.

The other option is if the opponent does not go for the block, you should go for the spike, by pressing the "A" button when you are at the top of your jump. You can direct which way you want to direct the ball by pressing the direction with the left analog stick. Press "Up" to send the ball to girls' left, press "Down" to send to the girls' right.

If you want to send the ball closer to the net, hit the "Back" button. To block a ball that is heading towards you, you press the "A" button right before the opponent goes up for the spike.

Passing the ball is done by pressing the "B" button. Generally, just pressing the "B" button does the job, but if you want a speed pass, you press "Forward" and the "B" button. You can set up the ball for a spike in a direction by pressing either the "Up," "Back," and "Down" buttons and the "B" button.

It is always best to send your partner to the net, while you stay about three to four paces from the net. Whenever the opponent goes to the near side of the net to spike, stay in the middle of midfield to the near side of the field. The reason for this is the girls tend to spike in this area and you are close enough to the net to catch any tapped balls.

Applying this strategy will help you get an 80 - 85% winning record. A warning though if you start to have a winning streak within the volleyball game, and you get a four point lead, the computer AI seems to start playing much better. This is extremely prevalent if you start out with a 4-0 lead.

Xbox dead or alive Xtreme 2 Continued

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