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Xbox DOA X2 is the sequel to Xbox dead or alive Extreme Beach Volleyball. In the Xbox DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball, Zack used his winnings from Xbox dead or alive 3 to go to Las Vegas. He won so much money that he bought his own island. The girls of Xbox dead or alive 3 were tricked into coming to Zack's Island, thinking that Xbox dead or alive 4 was taking place there. Once they find out it was a trick, they decide to have a two week vacation on the tropical Island. However after two weeks, the volcano that was on the island became active and sunk the island.

Xbox dead or alive Xtreme 2 has some differences and some similarities. Beach volleyball is back but it has been made harder to win. Some new activities include - Marine Racing, Waterslide, Butt Battle, and Tug-Of-War.

New Zack Island

Zack's Island is composed of ten main places of interests, three hotels, and a Casino Games. The game has four segments a day: Morning, Daytime, Evening, and Night. Most of the places are open during the morning, daytime, and evening segments. The hotels and the Casino Games are the only two places available during the night segments.

Accessories Store
This is where you buy accessories and makeup for the girls. The store is split between accessories and makeup. The accessories has a rotating stock that changes every segment, while the makeup is all available during all segments.

Sports Shop
This is where you can buy swimsuits, water-crafts, and sundries. In the first part, you can buy swimsuits for your girls. The inventory changes for each segment of the day. In the next section, you can buy water-crafts for Marine Racing. The inventory also changes for each segment. In the sundries, you can buy access to other activities, besides the initial volleyball, marine racing, and pool hopping. Also you can buy a camera with film and buy volleyballs.

Zack Of All Trades
You can buy miscellaneous items here. You use these items to give to partners as gifts to help improve their appeal to you. The more appeal to you the better they are at helping you out and giving you gifts in return. The stock rotates every segment like all the other stores. However, if you buy an item, you cannot repurchase another of the same item again in the same vacation.

Pool Side
This is where you can sit back, relax and pass the time away. The only two options here, besides meeting other girls is to rest or change outfits; if you have any extras in your immediate collection.

Here you can challenge other girls to pool games. The game initially allows you to play Pool Hopping, but you can get access to others by buying them from the Sports Shop. The two extra pool activities you can play are Butt Battle and Tug-of-War.

Radio Station
Here you can tell what songs you can play during each segment. If you have downloaded any songs to the hard drive, or have set up a play list using Media Connector/Center, then you can also play those songs as well.

Volleyball Courts
Three of the four courts are available during the Morning, Daytime, and Evening sets, while Bass Island is only available during the Daytime. You can also rest, play beach flag, or even bond with your partner more. The 4 courts include: Niki Beach, Tranquil Beach, Brilliant Jungle and Bass Island.

Niki Marina
This is where you take part in the Marina Racing courses. Not much else you can do here besides giving gifts to other girls.

There are three different hotels to stay at during your vacation, below is a small list of what each hotel offers.

- Gemstone Suite - A high-class resort that boasts the largest rooms on New Zack Island. Tasteful room decorations and furniture make this hotel the perfect place for someone to spend an elegant vacation.

- Seabreeze Cottage - An adorable water-top cottage found in the eastern part of New Zack Island. Part of the floor is made out of glass so you can see the fish swimming in the ocean.

- Moonlight Reef - A hotel on Bass Island with all its rooms overlooking the ocean. Popular among female visitors for its adorable rooms. Ceiling fans bring you a south Asian wind and there is an aquarium in every room.

Casino Games
This is where you will be making the bulk of the money you get during your vacation. The Casino Games allows you to play roulette, slots, blackjack, and five-card poker. The only way to access the Casino Games is by going to the hotel and choosing the first option "Go To Casino Games". Since you need to be in the hotel in order to access the Casino Games, the Casino Games is only available during the night segment.

Xbox dead or alive Xtreme 2 Continued

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