Xbox dead or alive Beach Volleyball Faqs - Hotel and Casino Games

During the day Xbox dead or alive beach volleyball is all about fun in the sun but at night Zack's Island becomes a haven for nightlife activities at the Casino Games.

Night Activities

There are only 2 places of interest at night and that is the hotel and the Casino Games.

You will be able to view your items, your collection, watch movies (earned from Zack), give presents to girls, sleep (which will bring you to next day of the vacation), go down to the Casino Games and gamble or quit the game.

Collection section allows you to view the number of swimsuits, accessories and items you have gained. Note that it is impossible to gain all swimsuits within one vacation. You need to replay the Zack Island mode again by using the same file. The items, accessories and swimsuits collected will be available for usage when you play a new vacation with that particular character. Collection allows you to store 1 kind of that item.

Gift Giving
For you to boost relationship with the other 7 girls on Zack's island, you will need to give them gifts. Gifts helps to build affection with these bikini babes. If you get along with the other girl, they might even give you gifts! Most importantly, other girl's collection of swimsuits.

You cannot wrap a gift at the hotel. You can only obtain gifts by buying and choose wrap at any one of the stores. If you do intend to send perishable gifts such as drinks, food or flowers, make sure you buy these items in the evening.

Gifts that you have obtained from other girls and Zack will be unknown until you have unwrapped the gift. It is possible to give a gift from Zack to another girl! Gift boxes will give you a general idea of what the item will be like.

Watch Videos
There are a total of 7 video tapes, each earned from Zack. They are demos and the creator's view about the Xbox dead or alive series.

videos Xbox DOA 1 Demo 1997
video game Xbox DOA 2 Realtime Demo 990217
video game demo Xbox DOA 2 Realtime Demo 990909
demo video games Xbox DOA 3 CF For Japan
Xbox DOA 3 Xbox DOA 3 CF For UK
video tapes Xbox DOA 3 CF For US
Xbox DOA 2 Xbox DOA 3 Opening Movie
Xbox dead or alive series Ninja Gaiden Trailer

You will open videos as you win more beach volleyball games. Some of the tapes can only be obtained in your subsequent vacation with that character.

Casino Games

This is the place where you get to spend your sack dollars by playing poker, blackjack, slot machines, etc.

Gambling is not always a sure win thing although you can use it to maximize your earnings in order to purchase those expensive swimsuits for Lisa, Christie and Tina. Before you start to gamble, you should build up some sack dollars.


The roulette game is the most toughest Casino Games game to play. You will find your other companions betting on roulette where every character is represented by her own color chip. The color chip is as follows:

Kasumi Kasumi = Pink
Leifang Leifang = Yellow
Tina Tina = Blue
Hitomi Hitomi = Sky Blue
Christie Christie = Black
Ayane Ayane = Purple
Helena Helena = White
Lisa Lisa = Red

Only 4 players can play the roulette at one time. You can bet at multiple squares within a time limit. You can view the scoreboard by hitting the (Y) button. Hit (A) and use D-Pad to place your bets. Hit (X) to commence the game.

Your objective is guess where the ball will land on the roulette. The roulette is marked with black, red and green. You can choose to bet on odds or evens, columns or evens or on the individual numbers.


Blackjack is probably the most famous Casino Games related game. Your objective is to draw a set of cards to get as close as possible to 21 without going over.

- If you get more than 21 points, you will lose your bet.
- Banker must draw a card if its total is less than 16 and must stay at 17 and above.
- The game will end automatically if the banker gets Blackjack (21) - Aces can be considered as 11 or 1 points.
- K, Q, J and 10 are considered as 10-point cards

Blackjack situations:
- Insurance will be prompted when a banker's card shows an Ace and a covered card. If you choose "Yes"

1) Banker's card is 21 - you will not lose any money
2) Banker's card is not 21 - you will lose 1.5x of your bet.

If you choose "No" 1) Banker's card is 21 - you lose 1.5x of your bet
2) Banker's card is not 21 - the game resumes You will get 1.5x of your bet if you hit Blackjack.

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