Dead Or Alive Xtreme Cheat Codes

See Through Swimsuit Cheat

Play as a girl with the Gimlet (Helena), Emu (Leifang), Carnelian (Christie) or another suit with a transparent part. Also wear a transparent visor. Go to the pool and allow your girl to lay on the chair until the menu disappears. Move the camera so that you are looking at the girl's body through the visor. The swimsuit will not be visible through the visor, but the girl's skin will. Small stars can be seen censoring her body. Each girl's stars appears different.

Easy Money Cheat

Requires Dead Or Alive 3. Start DOA 3 and select a character that also appears in Dead Or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball in survival mode. The more wins you have in survival mode, the more money you will start with in Dead Or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball. For instance, if you have 60 wins, you will start with $60,000. If you have 200 wins, you will start with $200,000.

Start the game with any character. The first game of volleyball is the easiest. Make sure you choose "Yes" when Lisa offers to show you around the island. Play the hopping game until you reach the first volleyball match. Play the match, making sure you time your spikes and your blocks perfectly to add extra points. Once you win, wait until the next day at the hotel. Choose "Leave Tomorrow" and start the game again with the same character. Repeat the same steps to get 80,000 to 149,000 credits every time.

Winning a volleyball game 7 to 0 will earn you 150,000 credits. (Cheat Alert!) To ensure you never miss, only use the underhand serve as it is guaranteed to go in. This is a great way to earn money quickly, but requires a lot of effort and a good partner.

Use the following trick to win money without winning points. Play as a character that has over one star for her power. While playing volleyball in story mode, have your partner set you up for a spike, wait until the ball is directly above your head, then aim straight for an opponent (preferably the one that is the furthest away). Hit it to the opponent, pressing Attack firmly. If you manage to make then struggle, your partner will award you 1,000 points, and you can usually finish the point off after this spike, or you can reset yourself to perform the spike as many times as desired.

In a volleyball match, the less points the opposing team scores, the more money you will end up getting.

Extra Items Cheat

Give a lot of gifts to one character and complete that game. Start a new game on that saved game file and choose to play as the character that received the gifts in the previous game. Those items will be available in your inventory in the new game.

Bonus Songs Cheat

Complete the game and save. Resume the game with the saved game file to have two additional songs, "How Crazy Are You?" by Meja and "Is This Love?" by Bob Marley selectable under the Radio Station.

Swimsuits In Exhibition Mode Cheat

Earn or buy swimsuits in story mode (Zack's Island). The swimsuits that you acquire in that mode will also be available in exhibition mode.

DOA Ending Bonus Cheat

Successfully complete the game. When you start a new game, you can immediately advance to the end. Select the "Leave Tomorrow" option at the hotel or pool menu to skip to the ending.

Dead or Alive Videos Cheat

The more items you buy, the more videos Zack sends you. If you play forever and never by anything, not a single video will be sent to you. Try to collect as many items, swimsuits, etc. as possible. The Ninja Gaiden trailer is the eighth movie to come from Zack.

Soundtrack Change Cheat

You can change the music playing at anytime by pressing Black (advance to next track) or White (repeat current track).

Christie With Cat Ears Cheat

There is no way to buy the cat ears for Christie at the accessory shop. The only way to get them is to buy (or wait for Zack to send it to you) the "Panther" one piece bikini. The swimsuit has a panther tail, and once equipped to Christie, she will automatically wear cat ears.

Hitomi With Cat Ears Cheat

There are two ways to get cat ears with Hitomi. You can either buy them at the accessory shop or wait for Zack to send them to you. You will have to play with Hitomi for at least two vacations before they appear in the shop or Zack gives them.

Kasumi With Army Hat And Gear Cheat

To get an army hat and two canteens with Kasumi, go to the sport shop. It probably will not be there until after the first day. Look for the Salvia swimsuit. It costs 330,000 credits. When you purchase the bikini, you will not see the hat and canteens until you put it on Kasumi. The only way to get the army hat and canteens is with Kasumi, and they will never be in the accessory shop. Zack will never send you the Salvia swimsuit, as well as any other character, since Kasumi is the only character that can get it. You can send the Salvia to the other girls, but most of them will throw it away.

Leifang Wearing Almost Nothing Cheat

In order to see the most of Leifang's skin wait until after the fourth day for the Oreial swimsuit. It barely covers her skin, but costs a lot of money.

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