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[This section contains Hints, Cheats, Tips and Tricks for the Xbox Dead or Alive Xtreme Game] -- Dead or Alive beach volleyball is an Xbox simulation game that features those hot girls from Dead of Alive Series. DOA XBV involves Zack, the winner of the DOA 3 Tournament who strikes the lottery at the Casino Games and bought a tropical island. He invites ONLY female competitors from DOA series for the volleyball tournment. You will be choosing to play as one of 8 bikini girls for a 14 day vacation on Zack's Island. But, to be a winner you will need a lot of skill or a good dose of cheats and hints from the DOA files inside this website!

Zack's Island

Zack's Tropical Island consists of several places of interest:

cheats The Hotel: It's a tropical paradise! There's even Casino Games!
hints The Jungle: It's cool under the trees and it's green as far as the eye can see.
beach volleyball Bass Island: What a cool little island. Well they say: When in Rome.
bikini girls Radio Station: The DJ has the place jumping Keep those request coming!
dead or alive Sports Shop: Buy swimsuits here and check back daily as items get added!
doa volleyball Accessory Shop: Some nice, small items that make great gifts.
dead or alive volleyball beach Niki Beach: A nice peaceful out of the way place. Wonder what's here
beach Private Beach: A quite beach for Zack's private use
doa beach volleyball Vacht Harbor: All those sails are quite a sight
tropical island Zack Of All Trades: A stall that opens on the fourth day of a girl's vacation.
doa girls Zack's Statue: Umm, Ok . . .

The gameplay is relatively simple as you just need to spend your time on the island by playing beach volleyball, practice your hopping at the poolside, purchase accessories and gifts from shops and interact with the girls that stay on the island.

Every dead or alive female character has her own likes and dislikes. Winning games help to build teamwork and the relationship between two girls. Whoever you choose as your character, they will meet up with Lisa on the poolside who offers to take you on a tour around the island. If you are playing as Lisa, you will meet up with Tina instead. On the first play, you will be guided along for the first day.

However if you have completed the 14 day vacation with at least 1 character, you will be given the option to skip the tour. However, it will bring down your affection with Lisa. You start the game with 10,000 Zack Dollars or your previous remaining amount from the character's previous vacation. The reason why it is Lisa every time you start a new game with a new character is because she is the co-host of Zack's Island & Zack's sister!

Daily Activities

A single day on Zack's Island is divided into 4 different parts. Those 4 parts being morning, daytime, evening and night time. You can only doing the following activities during the day.

bass island Morning - everything accessible* except for Bass Island & Casino Games
beach volleyball Daytime - everything accessible* except for Casino Games
doa shops Evening - everything accessible* except for Casino Games
island Casino Games Night time - only the Casino Games is accessible

* Jack of All Trades is opened on the 4th day of your girls vacation.

Pool Side

At the poolside you can rest a bit, view your items or play the hopping mini game. If your character is lying on the beach chair and you do not move the D-pad or the left thumb-stick, you will enter into what is known as the gravure system mode.

You have the following options at the Pool side:

leave poolside Leave the poolside : Leave the pool
resy a bit Rest a bit* : Enter into the gravure mode
play hopping game Play the hopping game* : Play the mini game
view items View items : View your items, accessories, and gifts
quit game Quit the game : Exit "Zack's Island Mode"

These game options are pretty straight forward except for the options marked with an asterisk. Selecting either one of these commands will allow you to move past part of a day. (HINT:) Gravure mode will differ depending upon the part of the day you select that option.

Gravure movie will change if you change your character's costume or if you equip the character's favorite item.

Hopping Game

The mini-game objective is relatively simply. You just need to move your character from one side of the pool to other by jumping on the floating boards. Once you fall into the pool, you will be given the option to retry or quit the mini-game.

Hopping is basically affected by pressure sensitivity of the (A) button. Your character will hop further if you hit the (A) button harder. You can calibrate the pressure before beginning any hopping mini-game. Hit the start button to proceed with doing this.

The faster you get to other side of the pool, the higher your score will be. All points earned on Zack's Island will be converted to Zack Dollars. In between, you will gain nice points by chaining your jumps smoothly. Nice points will be accumulated during hopping. However if you fall into the pool, the nice points earned will be not be forfeited and you will not receive any Zack dollars.

Beaches And Jungle

There are a lot of things while on the isolated regions of Zack's Island. You can play beach volleyball when you have a partner and there are 2 characters within that area.

If there is no other characters in the area that you are in then you will automatically proceed to the gravure mode for your character. Hit Start or (A) button to exit.

If you are alone, then there will be 1 or 2 companions in that same area, you are given the choice of either forming a partnership or giving the girl a gift.

Before forming a partnership with anyone else, you must be on good terms with the game character. The relationship can be enhanced by giving like-able gifts to the female character. Warning: If you give a wrong item, it will bring down the mood between you and the other girl. Giving a gift or forming a partnership (fail or succeed) will result in you spending part of the day.

If you have a partner with you and there are 2 characters found in the area that you are in, you will be given an additional option of having a volleyball game. You can pause the game by hitting the Start button.

Beach Volleyball Game

The volleyball game is relatively simple as it involves moving the character around the volleyball court and using 2 buttons based on how hard you hit the button. Good serves, blocks and spikes can earn you nice points. The larger the point spread, the more points your team will earn.

basic rules Basic Rules:
- Matches use the rally point system, where the serve goes to the team that has recently scored. The characters will take turns in serving. The 1st player will have the chance to serve first.
- The team that gets to 7 points first wins. Deuce may also be called when the score is 6 to 6. If the score reaches 9 - 9, the first team that reaches 10 points wins the volleyball game.
- There are no sidelines and end-line on the beach volleyball court.
- Your team will always be on the left side of the court. This could take some time getting used to, so practice as much as possible.

Beach Volleyball Basics

serving Serving Hints
- Hit Down or Up on the D-Pad to change position before your character begins to serve the ball.
- To perform a serve, hit (A) to toss the ball up in the air and hit (A) again while the ball is in mid-air. You can make use of D-Pad to determine the aim point of the opposition's court.

The Basic Tips: 3 serve types
- Overhand Serve: The default serve technique. View the instructions above. If you hit the ball with good timing and a strong force, you will be awarded 1000 nice points for the serve.

- Underhand Serve: To execute the serve, hold left on D-Pad when your character is facing right and hit (A) to toss and follow up with (A) to hit. This move does not possesses much power but it is very easy to time.

- Jump Serve: To execute the serve, hold right on D-Pad when your character is facing right and hit (A) to toss. While the ball reaches the peak, hit (A) to perform a Jump Serve. A great technique but hard to time. If you hit the ball with good timing and a strong force, you will be awarded 2000 nice points for the serve.

serving Receiving
- Move your character towards the ball and lightly tap (B) to hit the incoming serve or spike.
- To perform a Two Attack, Hold down (B) firmly when your character is about to receive the ball. For your character to perform a Two Attack, hold down (B) when your partner receives the ball.

serving Tossing
- Short Toss: Tap (B) as your teammate receives the ball - Long Toss: Press (B) firmly as your teammate receives the ball. - You can determine the direction by pressing Up or Down on the D-Pad. If you lightly tap (B) when your teammate is at the backcourt, you can give her a quick toss for a back attack.

serving Spiking
- Position your character with D-Pad and while the ball is in mid-air, hit (A) to jump and (A) again to perform a spike. The power of spike depends on hard you tap (A). - When an opponent attempts to block, tap (A) again to perform a feint. - You will be awarded 1000 points for performing a successful spike.

serving Blocking
- HINT: Timing is important. Hit (A) when your character is at the net to perform a block.

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